Now, Coconut Oil is Bad? What Will Change Tomorrow? Confused…

The way I see it, confusing the public on eating correctly has been done to a degree, on purpose to accommodate interests of the food and animal agricultural industry and their profits with complete neglect to what is really the best way to eat healthy. As I once heard from Dr. Andrew Saul; “Good health makes sense but doesn’t make a lot of dollars”.

Eating healthy can be easy if you keep it simple: If it grows out of the ground, off a tree, lives off the land or in the sea then you can say to yourself “this is probably good for me”. If, however it comes in a box, bag or frozen package and is made in a factory then it probably is not good for you.

Our ridiculous OVER consumption of these “Frankenstein foods” and beef is contributing more and more to disease, poor health and low quality of life. In addition, animal agriculture is contributing in a BIG way to global warming with the insane amount of greenhouse emissions and destruction of forested lands – all in the name of profits for a few wealthy.

Much of life on earth, including us humans, rely on our oceans. With a steady increase and rise in the oceans temperatures in recent years, we are seeing a sad epidemic of corals reefs dying off at an alarming rate, as I have seen first-hand in recent scuba diving adventures. SO much comes from this life in the ocean that is vitally important.

The Elephant in The Room

This is a chain reaction of events, slowly contributing to the demise of so much until we see a bubble burst. I fear that we may see this in my lifetime, but I hope we are strong enough to recognize the killer elephant in the room, do away with it and help move us in a better direction. lobbying-161689_960_720

If you haven’t figured out who the elephant in the room is, let me whisper a little clue in your ear; Lobbyists of companies (like food & animal agriculture) buying their way into congress to get what they want! In my opinion, we must make this form of corruption illegal because as of now, it’s not!

Moving away from taking this towards a political article, I want to give some solid fundamental suggestions on how to eat appropriately below. Much of this goes completely against the majority of what you will see on your grocery store shelves.

Focus on These Top Tips to Look & Feel Your Best.


1. Keep your intake of sugar low! Carbohydrates, especially those with a high glycemic load, turn to sugar very quickly. When you consume high amounts of sugar, you can set off a cycle of cravings for more sugar, increase insulin production which stows blood glucose, which leads to desiring more sugar and more eating and the process recycles itself over and over. Eventually, this can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes which is one of the ugly monsters under the metabolic syndrome umbrella of health problems America is facing today.

2. Make H2O your beverage of choice and drink plenty of it! This could well be the easiest initial goal for many starting a weight loss program. Clean, pure water throughout the day to helps flush out metabolic and environmental toxins through your kidneys. Try drinking two glasses of water before first thing upon rising every morning and before your larger meals of the day. For many, simply eliminating sugar loaded drinks and instead of drinking these unwanted calories makes a huge difference! Grab some ice water!

3. Don’t fear the fat, if it’s the good kind. Contrary to traditional beliefs, fat doesn’t always make us fat if we consume the right ones in reasonable quantities. Avoid hydrogenated or trans-fats here and don’t over-due it with the saturated animal fats (the marbled fat at room temperature). Here are a few nice choices below: Coconut-Rogers

• Peanut Butter/Almond Butter
• Coconut oil
• Almonds/walnuts/cashews, macadamia nuts (and all nuts)
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Avocados
• Fish oil (and many fish which are protein and omega-3 fat sources)

4. Break the fast and eat breakfast. Consume a healthy protein rich breakfast to end the fasting and catabolic state your body is most likely end and protect your hard-earned muscle. Muscle burns calories because its metabolically active. Also, eating will lend to preventing unwanted elevations in cortisol which can occur when we aren’t fed. Here is an article I wrote on breakfast, their relationship to hormones and more: Breakfast, food and hormones article

5. Get more fiber. Fiber is the secret key to a low glycemic load. Think of fiber being like a sponge or something that “expands” once consumed. This in turn “soaks up” any other sugar present in gut. Also, fiber helps to move things through the pipes and out of our rear end lending a healthy, helping hand to colon and digestive health. You can read more in detail on this and colon health in this article I wrote here: Colon & digestive health article, click here

6. Eat real food. Incorporate plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and lean animal proteins such as fish, chicken, and eggs. If possible, go organic here. Avoid highly processed, factory-manufactured Franken-foods.

7. Eating should not be a race. Practicing slower eating, while chewing (1st stage in digestion) foods more thoroughly and enjoying them more is positive contribution towards your weight loss efforts and metabolism. After every 2-3 bites, take a deep breath and relax for 60 seconds. Practicing this will help you improve here in time.

8. Reduce stress. Chronic stress with its accompanying cortisol, contributes to your body packing on those extra lbs. A good practice to get into is simply isolating yourself with no distractions for 15 minutes in the morning or expressing gratitude daily for good things you’re thankful for in life. Here is a great book that I feel, can make a difference: 7 Day Mental Diet

9. Support yourself for and with, better sleep. Lack of quality sleep is known to decrease growth hormone and IGF-1 levels, poor recovery with lack of “freshness” waking up for the day and also increases risk of heart disease, diabetes and earlier death. Avoid sugar and large amounts of carbs before bed. Reach for a little source of healthy fat (like nuts) and/or maybe some protein source. RogerRunning-Detroit

10. Get active! With an emphasis on regular resistance training 2-3x per week and the same with cardiovascular, this is a critical thing to have as part of a healthy and balanced body. Plus, as the old saying goes; motion creates emotion and good feeling. We have one to live it, let’s treat it well.



After working with hundreds upon hundreds of people since 2001, I can understand how frustrating it can be trying to understand what is right and wrong in-regards to eating correctly. One day it’s “this” and next day its “that”. Hopefully this gets you taking a step in the right direction. You can always dig for information on my writings and more or simply contact me directly.

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Roger Bowman