10 Tips to Lose 10 Pounds:

Solid nutrition, like good training, is simple – learn the basics and practice them consistently. A little knowledge and some discipline is the secret. Apply yourself diligently – don’t look back and don’t look for shortcuts, there simply are not any.

Health and fitness has climbed to the top of America’s popularity list and has become big business. As you’ve surely noticed, there is a gym on every corner and a slew of diet and bodybuilding formulas to pack on muscle and burn off fat. The competition is fierce, the promises are bizarre and most people are all confused, suspicious, and numb to it all.

We are bombarded with a billion ways to diet, eat, and approach a life of looking and feeling our best. Let’s clear the air and put a few basic rules that you just can’t go wrong with, on the table to follow in order to start shedding some of those lbs.

10 Tips to Lose 10 Pounds:

  1. Stop consuming sugar (like soda & pastries)
  2. Engage in weight/resistance training
  3. Eat more vegetables, often
  4. Do cardio
  5. Cook and plan your meals and eat out less
  6. Keep a food journal
  7. Eat breakfast
  8. Drink 6-8 cups of water daily
  9. Consume protein and adequately amounts of healthy fat based foods
  10. Find an experienced and highly qualified personal trainer or good workout partner

Practicing these basic rules in conjunction with a regular schedule of stimulating exercise and having proper hormonal balance (which will come with better lifestyle habits) will put you on the road to feeling and looking your absolute best!

Cheers to you,

Roger Bowman, CPT