“Roger, What Exactly Do You Do?”

I get this question all the time and have for last several years. So much and, with so much confusion, I felt I had to write about it to give a better explanation to those inquiring minds that want to know. It’s expected from those that don’t know me or just meeting me initially, and we all ask this question of most we meet for first time at some point. I also know the majority of those that have known me for a long time are still very confused and don’t want to sound “dumb” or inattentive if they were to ask me.

For those that do ask, I have found that it’s hard for people to fully grasp my explanation after telling them. Like a massage therapist saying that they a message therapist or the mailman saying he is a postal worker which is easy for everyone to understand, I often try to keep it simple and just say that I help people look and feel their best. This my short, summed up version and true, but it leaves many left with a lot of questions as to what that exactly entails.

Most think of me as a certified personal trainer because, well, I am one and was full time at being one for a long time in years past.  I only allow and allocate two evenings a week in Toledo, Ohio to work with a very select few clients of my choosing and simply do it for the love of it and to help a few of those locally around me seeking out my help in gym. I refer most of my inquiries off to other trainers simply because I don’t have the time and I’m picky with who I spend it with.

Am I a wellness and supplement coach? Well, yes I am that too and this is also very part time like the personal training. I have over 15 years of working and being heavily involved in the supplement industry. I would estimate this in addition to personal training take up about 10-20% of my time total on a weekly basis.

What It is That I Primarily “Do”?

I am primarily a national wellness consultant. I work with an anti-aging medical group by the name of Youth-Rx based out of the Chicago area of Illinois and this takes up 90+ percent of my time every week and it is my full time way I make a living. In short, you can say I am the middle man between Youth-Rx’s doctors and many of our clients nationwide and, local.

FB-YRX cover pageI often work remotely via phone, email and text and I am the person who consults with the new inquiry or the established client to help them understand our processes for getting lab work and physicals done, filling out and submitting paper work properly and efficiently, helping them understanding what programs we offer and how they work and many other diet, health, hormone and wellness questions and concerns they may have.

I am the person who will often spend 30-40 minutes with the client to help them understand their body, supplements they are taking and their doctor supervised hormone optimization programs prescribed to them. I essentially help simplify and make their experience with us and our doctors a pleasant and positive one all while being able to assist them to look and feel their best.

Who My Typical Client Is

In short, most of the people I work with are men 35-60 years of age struggling with hormone imbalances. This often will include concerns with abnormally low testosterone and high estrogen due to pre-mature aging of glands, environmental exposures and incorrect, harmful dietary practices we unknowingly engage in on a regular basis.  These are a few factors in today’s modern world that are acting as endocrine system disruptors leading to an array of health concerns and frustrations for men more than ever before in history. There is an alarming rate of concern that has come about in the last 30 years with regards to our hormones, health, waistlines and well-being.

Some signs and symptoms of having low testosterone includes:
  • Sexual dysfunction (unable to maintain erections)
  • Reduced sex drive (reduced sexual activity)
  • Decreased energy, drive and vigor
  • Depressed mood
  • Increase in body fat (strongly associated with high estrogen too)
  • Decrease in bone strength
  • Reduced muscle mass (therefore, lower metabolism)
  • Lower cognitive function (“fuzzy brain”)


Usable Hormone picWe address imbalances and help optimize other areas that need attention to help both our male and female clients look and feel their best. Areas such as IGF-1, progesterone, thyroid and DHEA are given attention when and if needed also. Many of these are addressed with creams, pills and injections to help create balance and harmony from within.

In addition to helping clients address foundational concerns with their endocrine (hormones) system and overall wellness, we also offer complimentary programs under the name of anti-aging. Programs and products such as Botox to help diminish wrinkles and tighten up the skin and face, vitamin and antioxidant preparations (like B-12 or lipo lean) to enhance immunity and body wellness, weight loss programs and sexual enhancement aids are all options we provide when necessary and of interest to our clients.


So, now you may see why it may be hard for me  to give a description of what I do or, give a title that is easy to recognize and understand. It just isn’t that easy because I am so fortunate to be able to help so many people in so many different ways under the health and wellness “umbrella” if you will, to look and feel their absolute best. What we are able to do is unique in a sense that very little of it is seen in the medical and wellness industry.

Best in wellness,

Roger Bowman, CPT