HCG Injections: Do Men Need Them on TRT?

Have you ever wondered why HCG is often talked about and used by men on testosterone replacement therepy (TRT) programs? Yes, you may have heard about HCG being used for weight loss (completely different story), but what I’m talking about here is for men on TRT.

HCG helps to stimulate action in our leydig cells (in testies) when the body no longer wants to do so after being on TRT for a while. This essentially “back fills” many important hormones and pathways that are relevant for a man to feel his best day to day. These hormones would include pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, endogenous testosterone, cortisol and much more…

Many of you who have been following or working with me should already know that the bulk of my work is done via consulting with middle aged men who are striving to optimize their hormones to a status that enables them to look and feel their absolute best.

In most cases, this entails them implementing a doctor supervised testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program to correct imbalances that have most likely been holding them back from being where they deserve to be as a high performing and healthy man.

Some of the most common questions I have continued to get on a regular basis through the years with regards to hormone optimizing programs, are those that revolve around HCG and if men engaged in TRT need it or not. For those that need to know what HCG stands for, that answer is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Maybe you or if you’re a female reading this, your spouse is a middle aged man, you have suspected or been confirmed that there is a case of low testosterone or other imbalances with regards to your endocrine system and hormones? If so, you may find a lot of helpful insight with some of my articles elsewhere, as I will mention in a moment here.

Digging in Deeper (For More Info)

I wrote a very easy to understand and yet very thorough article on the topic of HCG last year for the team and doctors at YOUTH-Rx, a company whom I am happy to still be working with for several years now assisting them and their clients. In this article, I use a few analogies to put things in perspective to understand men’s endocrinology, how the body produces testosterone (and more) and why HCG may be an important player for some men; all in the easiest way possible.

If you are a visual learner, a reader and want to dig in a bit more – take a look over the 6 minute read at the link here below:

Click Here for Article on HCG

If you prefer to instead listen to me talk about HCG and if a man on TRT may or may not need it, simply click on the video link here below.

YouTube video link: Click Here to Watch Video

In this video, you can also look, watch and wonder where the crazy big beard on my face came from this year (I’ve never in my life grown this thing out like this). Whatever route you choose, I hope you find it helpful in understanding HCG as it pertains to men on TRT and doing your best to help your body age as gracefully as possible while maintaining the highest level of health and wellness.

Best regards,

Roger Bowman

“Roger, What Exactly Do You Do?”

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10 Ways to Elevate Your Testosterone Levels Naturally!

Now more than ever before, we have millions of men suffering from low testosterone, aka “Low T”, and unfortunately suffering from the undesirable symptoms that accompany the condition. We have seen a large spike with the number of cases of men with Low T in the last couple of decades which is largely due to the endocrine disrupters men are exposing themselves to on a regular basis along with the ones we are consuming.

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A War Against Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone (androgen) made by the body. Most of the testosterone in a man’s body is produced in his testicles.

Testosterone Helps:

  • Maintain reproductive tissues
  • Stimulate sperm production
  • Stimulate and maintain sexual function
  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Maintain bone strength
  • Sense of well being and a man’s confidence
  • A man’s “get up and go” energy levels

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