Top Tips to Be Your Fittest & Healthiest

Many will have a desire to look & feel their best in 2017, as many should. Unfortunately, most will not have a “road map” guiding them in the most appropriate way to arrive at being their healthiest and will fall short due to getting lost and therefore discouraged sooner than later.

As the old saying goes “if there is a will, there is a way”. The information is out there. The work ethic and discipline is in all of us if you simply decide to make the dedication to become healthier; for your children, family and most importantly for yourself.

Some will say they’re beautiful regardless of their size and health status, but the well-known and very ugly common consequences of being overweight and unhealthy are typically anything but that. Below are a few commonly seen consequences that are associated with, and stemming from obesity:

  • Heart Disease and Strokeobese man -free to use
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain and problems/Osteoarthritis
  • Some forms of Cancer
  • Gallbladder Disease & Gallstones
  • Breathing problems

Assuming you want to be a healthier version of yourself and you’re ready to take that step forward, the goal with this article is to give some solid suggestions along with a few links to get you moving in the right direction.

Here Are A Few Suggestions to Help Step Towards a New, Fitter & Healthier YOU

Suggestions for your 1st month:

  1. Decide and dedicate to drinking ONLY plain, purified water. Make it accessible and have plenty of it around you.
  2. Start with a short, light walk each day. Here is a great way to start: From Couch to 5k Training Program
  3. Try to cut back fast foods, and instead take or prep your lunch yourself making it at “colorful” as possible with real food. It is okay to fail a little at this, for now.
  4. Incorporate a high quality multi vitamin. Life Extension is a good one to consider.
  5. Take a “before” photo of yourself today in month #1.
  6. Go to your PCP (or on your own) to get blood work and a physical done. Get a look at your basic health markers and some of the more relevant endocrine markers related to your hormone picture. Be safe and assured you have the green light on how to pursue physical activity. See me if you need suggestions on this.

Suggestions to implement at the beginning of your 2nd month:

  1. Hire a qualified personal trainer. This is a good resource to find one: Find a Qualified Trainer Near You.
  2. Educate yourself in your spare time on the detrimental effects of carbohydrate and sugar abuse. Start weening yourself off excessive amounts. This primarily will be taken care of by avoiding boxed, bagged and bottled foods and drinks (the drinks should already be taken care of in month #1).
  3. Explore this website as it blends with #2 above: This is a wonderfull and educational site loaded with recipes, education and documentaries to help you learn all the essentials on eating and treating your body right and the way it wants and deserves to be treated.

Suggestions for your 3rd month in:

  1. Re-test your bloodwork. You should start to see some improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and more. You should also be getting excited about losing a few pounds and some clothes starting to fit looser now. You’re on your way.
  2. Seek input from a qualified doctor or medical group to review your endocrine panel to ensure your hormones are optimized. These are extremely important and you can read why a bit more in detail here: Learn Importance of Your Hormones
  3. Commit to a competition of sorts, suitable to your abilities. This can be a 5k race in near future, climbing a challenging mountain on that summer vacation coming up or training for a powerlifting competition in 6 months. Whatever your “cup of tea” is, get competitive and continue to fuel your inner drive on your quest to be your best.

Your-health is an InvestmentInvest In Your Health

Throughout life, we all have many choices as to where we choose to invest our time, money and energies into. I personally don’t think there is anything more worthy of attention and investment than our health. The way I see it, too many of us neglect the one thing that enables us to take care of our families, contribute to the world and live the most fulfilling lives possible; This is our body.

We disrespect the gift of life that we have been given by smoking, eating unnatural “franken-foods” and expose ourselves on a regular basis (often by choice) to carcinogenic and toxic things that beats and wears our bodies down.

We often claim we don’t have the time to exercise, the money to eat right and correct imbalances that are brewing inside. Those who don’t end up making time today must must address illness, doctor bills (and added stress from), and deal with a miserable quality of life tomorrow that is often a burden onto those they love or may depend on them.

Although it is unfortunately true we aren’t taught well by the educational system on how to eat right or take care of ourselves, there is information out there on how to do so correctly if we look, ask, listen, learn and apply correctly.

Invest wisely my friends, we are given one body to live in. Make it an enjoyable one!

Best in health,

Roger Bowman, CPT